Professional installers of IRS (integrated reception systems)

Satellite & aerial service contracts

As the sole contractor to both Aspull Electrical Services (one of the leading electrical contractors in the North West) and PHE North West (electrical contractor to Taylor Wimpey), we offer a full range of satellite and aerial services to the commercial sector.

These companies provide electrical services to both public- and private-sector organisations, and we are proud to work with them on a range of large-scale projects.

Other commercial customers include letting agents, whose properties we are pleased to service. We provide a full range of aerial and satellite services, as required, in support of their provision of modern, well-equipped dwellings.

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IRS (integrated reception systems) TV

A key product in the commercial sector is Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) TV, which allows you to receive programming straight from the satellite. This is used in, for example, blocks of apartments or other similar dwellings (often rented or leased) where it makes sense to share a satellite dish. The external aerial feeds into a specialist distribution unit and then to each flat.

A media socket in each living room gives the full complement of TV services – including Freeview, Satellite and Freesat – as well as the signalling for FM/DAB radio. An output is also provided to feed a bedroom in each apartment with these services. We have considerable experience and expertise in advising on and installing IRS systems.

If your business is looking for a high-calibre associate to fulfil your aerial and satellite needs, contact us to find out more about our top-class services and competitive prices.

Latest commercial work

IRS (integrated reception systems) TV on a new build block of 9 apartments.
Commercial dish/aerial system for apartments
Launch amp and multi switch system for each apartments, this system sends all components down the cable to each flat, i.e. Freeview, Satellite and DAB and FM radio signals.
Launch amp multiswitch system for each apartment
Illustration below shows typical media face plate which would be fitted in the apartment lounge from a IRS (integrated reception systems) communal system (also available in brush chrome or polished steel).

The media outlet plate allows access to signals from Satellite HD/Freesat display and record, DVB (Freeview) FM/DAB radio, IRS or terrestrial link to bedroom and telephone socket to link a Satellite STB (set top box ) to the phone network.
Satellite/Freeview & radio media socket installed in each apartment