Multipoint Satellite/Freeview systems

Freeview Multipoint

If you would like to be able to enjoy high-quality viewing in more than one room, why not consider our multipoint service? Various options are available, which we’ll be pleased to explain and discuss with you. For example, we can fix two or even three aerials to one mast, providing excellent Freeview signal to multiple rooms in your home.

Freeview Splitter

Although using multiple aerials is a well-established and reliable method, the more modern – and, we believe, more visually pleasing – way to provide high-quality reception to more than one room is through using one higher-gain aerial (for example, a log-periodic antenna). Fed through a four-way passive splitter (a neat-looking external box), this provides the Freeview signal to up to four locations within your property, each giving a level of reception identical to that provided by a standard aerial.

Even if you require only two or three locations at present, the spare capacity provides flexibility for the future, should you decide you wish to have viewing capability in an additional room, or indeed to extend your property.

Satellite Multipoint (magic-eye sensor)

A different type of splitter facilitates the distribution of Satellite channels throughout your home, and even allows the command and control of these from any or all locations using a magic-eye sensor.

Magic Eye Sensor from Satellite - supplied and fitted

Every Satellite receiver (HD or Standard) is physically designed to cable to a second location, e.g. conservatory or bedroom. This is done by running a cable from the special port of the receiver, known as RF2 to the required second location and connecting the magic-eye sensor (pictured above). This allows full control of your Satellite receiver from the second location. We supply the same remote control as the one you already have so that the second location has its own remote control.

Using the latest, affordable technology, we can fully configure your property to give instant access to digital TV viewing services from within any room: there’s no need for conflict over TV channels ever again!

Latest Multipoint installs

Domestic wall mounted Freeview Aerial & Multipoint Splitter install.
Close up of masthead low loss passive outdoor splitter, part of a wall mounted digital TV aerial installation.
External mounted low passive outdoor signal splitter
Domestic install with log periodic digital aerial for use in good signal areas which can be networked into 4 other rooms. This is a neater aerial, installation, and saves having 4 aerials on the roof.
External monted log periodic TV aerial