Digital TV aerials for the Chorley area

We can provide the full range of digital TV aerial solutions to your home, supplying and installing both single and multipoint TV aerials. Using high-quality equipment supplied by the Eurosat Group (a global distributor of satellite, TV and communication equipment, and the UK’s leading developer and supplier of satellite and terrestrial TV products), we can ensure that you receive excellent service and optimal TV reception.

Getting a clear picture depends on having just the right amount of signal: either too weak or too strong a signal can cause image break-up. You can rest assured that we understand the technicalities of TV aerials and offer a wide range of solutions to obtain the best signal possible, even if you live in an area with poor reception.

Our most popular TV aerials

CR10 Freeview Digitial TV Aerial - Chimney Mounted

CR10 TV Aerial, our standard Digital Freeview TV Aerial. A good all-round TV Aerial, suitable for the Granada TV region.

DMC Freeview Digitial TV Aerial

DMC TV Aerial, a slightly more powerful and robust TV Aerial than the CR10, comes complete with 'F' connector.

LOG Freeview Digitial TV Aerial - Wall Mounted

LOG TV Aerial, an excellent Digital TV Aerial suitable for distributing a TV signal in up to 4 rooms via a masthead splitter.

Vision 32/48 Freeview Digitial TV Aerial

Vision 32/48 TV Aerial, a high end TV Aerial for use in very poor signal areas, also ideal for large networking solutions.

TV Aerial advice

Our experience and expertise mean that if you don't know which aerial you need for your home, we are well placed to discuss the options available to obtain high-quality digital reception. Drawing on a wealth of skills in and knowledge of aerial systems, we will provide a free, no-obligation quotation to supply a new TV aerial at your property.

We are fully trained and carry all the right tools and equipment to complete your installation to the highest standard, within a timescale to suit you and at a competitive price. Why not call us today to find out how we can help ensure and enhance your viewing experience?

Why we use the aerial lashing system

A lot of inexperienced aerial installers use something called an SSB (self support bracket, or commonly referred to in the trade as a knock-on), as this describes how the bracket attaches to the chimney, but this is an insecure installation as they can fall down over time (see image below), often with the bricks still attached to the bracket. At Aerial and Sky Services we only use what is known as a lashing system this is basically a multi-strand wire cable that fits securely around all four corners of the stack where as a 'knock-on' system are simply two pins that are hammered into the mortar line and tightened up.

Knock-on type chimney mounted aerial that has failed

Insurance companies frown on SSB installs, and if they come down and cause damage to the room, some insurers will not cover damage caused.

Latest TV aerial work in Chorley

Chimney mounted Freeview TV aerial
X2 CR10 on one mast. For two room installs, this is still the best, most cost effective way of receiving Freeview TV in your home to two locations for example lounge, and a bedroom or conservatory.
Image of chimney mounted double Freeview TV Aerial
Domestic Freeview aerial installation
Image shows brand new chimney mounted Freeview digital TV aerial. Mounted using a lashing system for an extra secure installation.
Chimney mounted Freeview TV aerial using lashing system